Why Tech Ringers?


Some of the benefits that are provided through our services include our Business Approach :

Systematic and streamlined methodology of recruitment

The clear defined approach helps us to provide apt manpower according to Client's requirement at stipulated time

Service support of qualified and efficient staff for testing, interviewing and assessment purposes

Selection process handled by people having immense knowledge and experience in field, thus enabling us to tackle client’s requisition promptly

Our Search Methods :

Our Search Methods

Method of handling search for candidate tailored to specific circumstances This is done keeping in mind considerations like industry-specific skills and location of such talent Based on this, we shortlist candidates Here, geographic scope of search is agreed upon with client, based on their work values

Our Work Process

We pro actively tap market for excellent candidates Once candidates are identified, we conduct in-depth interviews with each individual Here, we obtain detailed information (on topics like educational background, career goals, personality traits, experience, job history, compensation etc)

Team and Infrastructure

Backed with powerful and well integrated recruitment technologies, we have team of seasoned expert recruiters We have latest facilities in area of communication, frequent transport and others that leads to expedition of entire process All our recruiters have significant management experience where for most of posts, they have "been there and seen it all" They understand job requirement completely and appreciate that it is human resource that forms backbone of organization's success

Snap shot of Resource Pool

We have an Intensive data bank of Candidature irrespective of Sectors and verticals varying from bottom level to highest level in skilled / semiskilled / fresh manpower. We are bonded with strategic tie ups with various Organizations to facilitate the process of candidate selection. We also provide the facility of on-line interactive sessions specially for distant recruiters and candidates.

Client benefits

By outsourcing Oraganization's consultancy functions, our clients can achieve fundamental benefits for the organization. Some of them but not limited to include: Enable our clients to focus on core operations. Deliver cost saving methods both directly or indirectly. Assist our clients achieve business goals rather than getting bogged down by processes. Deserving candidates find place in the company Instant consultancy in case of urgent requirement.

Services Offered
  • Recruitments Solutions.
  • Career Development Plans.
  • Organizing Mass/Scheduled Walk-Ins.
  • On/Off Campus Recruitment Drives.
  • Technical Screening at Initial Levels.
  • Temporary Staffing/Payroll Services(Only for MNCs) - Tier 1 Level.
  • Working in Contract Models/Sub Vendorships(Only for MNCs) - Tier 1 Level.
  • Career Management for Job Seekers.